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Daisy duke

the girl that I love she is so sexy I want her body

johnny cakes


john is the cutest boy in the world and a girl named daisy took him and that crushed my heart


my friends call my boyfriend this all the time and they havent even see it!! lol



i would like to change my last child nickname to kimmy

boyie joyie


cuddlier sexy wants your body needs a kisses wants you gets you


She wanted to knw how to say teddy bear :) so I told her how to say it in Spanish.. n she was jus saying it the whole time n I was like R u goin u call me tht now. She was like yea :) lolz OSITO !!! <3 lolz now I jus stayed wit me


If your sweetie doesn't have a name, give him/her Cutie. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

queeniee <3

because it means that he wants you to be his queen forever <3
hope this helped <3 :)


Chou in french : sweety
pet = french for a fart, I caught him farting :p....and now his choupette :D, ...consequences ;)



i call my boyfriend Cookie cause he likes my cookies. i bake cookies and he just adores them xD he calls me baby and honey. i like both but everyone already is a baby or a honey.. but idgaf because I LUFF MAH COOKIE........ c: i love my cookie <3

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