Cute Nicknames for Babies

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kathryn crunch

i thought of the ceral captain crunch and got kathryn crunch


This nickname comes from the word rainbow. For the colorful souls out there.

Il mio angelo

Language: Italian
Meaning: My Angel
What I use it for: I write fiction stories and one of my characters speaks Italian, so he calls the one he loves this.
Could be used for: A child, a irlfriend, or a boy friend!(:


My (recently ex) girl friend and I used to call each other poozel. It started off as snosage (coz she was my little sausage), then it moved to snossy-poo (coz adding poo makes it sound a little cuter), then it became poozel. Now that it's officially over, the name poozel can go out into the world so that anyone who finds their little snosage/snossy-poo/pooozel deserves an awesome original pet name that expresses the warmth felt inside. Much love all, peace out.



I call my one year old son Lip because during his first few months of life, he would always stick his bottum lip out so far instead of crying, it was the most adorable sour puss i ever saw

Smiley Crayon! :D

Idk i just felt like it i love colors!!! and well i love to color and it makes me happy!!! (: <3 Haha!! (: or maybe adorkable crayon! (:


My gym teacher started calling me this because I wore a shirt that said "Glam" on it one day.


what ever i say is right!! dont you like ,so come on fight!!


My Teacher gave me this beause I spilt hot coco on my self and I love it.

mizz swagga kandy

my bffis call me this. we all have mizz at the start of our nicknames.