Cute Nicknames for Babies

These are the most recent cute nicknames that have been tagged "Baby Nickanmes" or "Nicknames for Anyone". You can vote on the nicknames and leave comments. Don't forget to add your nickname.

Baby Face

Baby Face is better used for girlfriends than for boyfriends. It's hard to maintain a sense of macho with your girlfriend calling you baby face everyday.


I don't know why naming your boyfriend or girlfriend after a giant orange vegatable is cute, but for some strange reason, it just is.


Your all purpose nickname. If you have more than one significant other, choose a standard like this one and stick to it. You will thank yourself later.


I'm putting this under the "both" category, but most guys will probably look at you funny if you use this one on them.


A classic that works for just about anyone. Watch out though, if you break up, every other song on the radio is going to remind you of your ex.


Maybe not the most creative nickname in the world but it is a classic.


You can use this for a significant other of either sex, but you are probably going to cause a gag reflex in those around you.


This has to be the all time most used nickname ever in the history of mankind on the planet.