Cute Nicknames for Babies

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my grandma use to call me this because i would always say BER when im cold and i loved rabbits... also cuz my name is amber

Mr, Fats


Me and my Brother wanted to name him Mr. Fats because he is very chubby


I used to like this guy Dominic and I became really good friends with him, so one day I just thought of Chickapoo and I call him that now xDD He just laughed and tells me to shut up. It's so cutee! > .<


My family wud call me this because i always asked for a kiss and i hugged everyone


my mom calls me this all the time lol idk why though. hope u like


the five cute girls in alos national high school.this is the five members of khulet'z_05.......................shiara mae_07,angel_10,mary rose_27,lorena_15,angelica_21.....................................cute diba??????????jejejejejejejejejejejejeje



i call ma li'l sis nooni cuz she's sooo cute n cudly dat whenever i c her i feel lyk tellin 'NOONI' !!!!


I wrote a book on cave exploring and the guys at work associated caves - bats - Batman. That didn't take much to do. I then painted a bat symbol on all my tools, tool boxes and when I walk on the job, everybody knows my "name".


I call my friend Squirt 'cause he's little and remind's me of the turtle from Finding Nemo. He calls me Squishy 'cause of the Jellies in Finding Nemo.



I call my niece this, she's so cute. I call her this 'cause I use to play Peeka-Boo with her. I didn't wan't to call her Peeka-Boo, so I changed it a bit. She love's it.