Cute Nicknames for Anyone

These are the most recent cute nickname submissions that work for anyone, guys and girls. You can click on the names if you would like to leave a comment. Don't forget, you can also add your nickname.


I cal my friend Marcos this because he thinks he's the sencond "Slim Shady" But I guess you can say he's not "slim", so everyone calls him that.

Love Bug <3

I call my boyfriend this all the time he loves it. :) I love You, Love Bug <3


i call that my best friends boyfriend , and i call her Pork :3 She finds it really cute when i call him Bacon


This is wat we call my cuz because his sister couldn't say brother


My friends call me this at softball because my name is madee


I called my best friend this and he liked it

Little Turtle

I call my friend little turtle because he's really tiny and slow at the same time! <3


**my best man, started to call me dimples cuz i guess i hav them!
so i thatz my nickname for him!!! DIMPELS!!!


I call my best friends this because she sweet,kind,mean and cute just like a little puppy. :) lol


My best friend Blake called me this because I'm obsessed with Hetalia; lol