Cute Nicknames for Anyone

These are the most recent cute nickname submissions that work for anyone, guys and girls. You can click on the names if you would like to leave a comment. Don't forget, you can also add your nickname.


Im cute im funny i can be mean i like short nicknames i have a lovin sister and i luving brother and i have a boyfriend

my little poochie mama!

For any poochie mama out there, balling ass nickname ok.


my bfs last name is krasa so it almost fits perfectly


something cute.roamntic,innocent which suits on me on my zodiac sign sagittarius


I want a vewi cute nick.. Plus i want a cute nick 2 b added 2 TRISH

Kisses !

I gave my boyfriend this name because he loves getting kisses from me whenever he can ! And I love giving them to him ! : )


i call my friend 'YAM'. :) it means "YOU ARE MINE" :) we sometimes add letters and then it becomes 'YAMMY' or 'YAMYAM' haha! :D

booger bear

lol one winter day my baby had a snotty nose n i wass getting tissue and i call him it and it stuck to him


Awesome nickname I came up with XD Cause, Kung Fu - Panda - Po .. Cupcakes? Yah, awesome :P

BrADAMo :)

So I call my best friend this because his name is Adam and he is like an older brother to me, so i put them together and this is what i came up with!! I love him soo much! :) my BrADAMo :)