Girlfriend Nicknames

Daisy duke

the girl that I love she is so sexy I want her body


She wanted to knw how to say teddy bear :) so I told her how to say it in Spanish.. n she was jus saying it the whole time n I was like R u goin u call me tht now. She was like yea :) lolz OSITO !!! <3 lolz now I jus stayed wit me

queeniee <3

because it means that he wants you to be his queen forever <3
hope this helped <3 :)

Turkey Squirt

She hates it but laughs! Its great to see her get pissed off! haha


my boyfie used to call me NING short term for PRANING which means crazy!! rawr :)


my bf calls me squirrel because I love squirrels and sometimes my mind wonders like one. I also get crazy and bounce around like one


Himawari means "sunflower" . I think it suits you IF you're always bright and whatever that has the same meaning with it . Hope you'll use it =,=


i call my gf this because she is soo cute and cuddly like a baby polar bear and her hair is always fluffy like on so i started calling her it and she likes it


Exceptional girl, soft inthe outside but strong in the inside.the best girl

kiss her

I call my girlfriend kiss her because everyone keeps on telling me kiss her

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