Girlfriend Nicknames


My boyfriend calls me Quoi, wich if french for What?, because I say What? or Huh? a lot. So anytime he says my nickname. I say 'What?' and he says Quoi. And it turns into an English Vs. French battle. Until one of us say the wrong word. It's funny, and some times other people join in too, and saying What in a different languae too.
Examples: German- Was?
Italian- Cosa?
Norwegain- Hva? (pronouced var)
Polish- Co? (tsa)

Dragon Cat Parrot

I call my GF Dragon Cat Parrot. Because she thinks shes a cat and sprawls out on her rug saying "In my next life, I wanna be a cat!". Dragon because if you make her angry at all she breaths pure fire and will eat your dignity in one bite. Finally Parrot because if shes not mad at you, she talks a fuck ton and when i start telling her a story she repeats me to piss me off. Most of this seems terrible but for some reason I love it......idk whats wrong with me....

Ma Moii<3

my friend would call this to his girlfriend because she was latina. so she would say mi amor to him which means my love and he would sy it to her in a baby voice "ma moii"


Her name is Gabriella and she is called Bella a lot, and since she loves my British accent and I love her sooosososos much c:, I started calling her Bellove<3 with my British accent all the time.

Jas-itz <3

I call her this because she's beautiful, sweet, and amazing. plus we both love cheez-itz


I call my love frenchie because everytime I see her I just wanna give her the softest french kisses to show she's appreciated .

Strawberry Muffin

My bf called me this because my online name for something was Muffins, and i LOVE strawberries. Its adorable <3

Baby Tiger

my friend sam calls me baby tiger cuz he says i am a fierce girl with a wild personality, like a tiger.

My Pocketful of Sunshine<3

I call my girlfriend my Pocketful of Sunshine because her face glows so BEAUTIFULLY in the sunshine at sunset... So she's not just a pocketful of sunshine, She's my Pocketful of Sunshine<3


This name was derive from or was taken from my name which is is very pritty and good sounding.this name can be used mostly for those whose name start with the letter R.

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