Girlfriend Nicknames

french muffin

because my crush calls me french muffin cuz im french

Funsize Snow Bunny Princess

my bf calls methis cuz he lovesw how fast it brightens my mood


My bf calls me this because my name starts with a K. :)


Her friends call her Mickey because her name is Michell, so i thought of her nickname because i love Deadmau5 and i also love her <3 so i came up with Mickeymau5!


My girlfriend is unique, and Irish ;p Her last name is McCreedy and one day out of the blue I just called her Ceedy. She loved it, and so did I. So I've called her Ceedy ever since.

Teddy Gram <3

My BoyFriend calls me this because he thinks it cute & funny , Lol


My girlfriend, baby sat a young girl who couldnt say her name right. She always ended up calling her Nynna, instead of her real name. I thought it was really sweet, so I just started calling her that. :)
I love you Nynna Bear!! <3


he calls mee happy meal cuz im always smileing and cuzz im short :) he makes me feel happy soo i call himm boo bear :)) i love himm :)


Short for 'Babycakes' or, in one very particular instance, 'Cakes McGee'

honey boo boo

from the show todlers and tiaras her nick name is honey boo boo.

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