Girlfriend Nicknames


Its for a girlfriend with additude.Or a girlfriend who isnt so nice.


ma gf is kind of cute n talks one day cald ma gf jus lik tat..she really loved it..:-))))))

sugar cube

my girl is so sweet and cute she's my sugar cube

Monstra Belleza :)

this is what my best guy friend calls be because i am litttle, like a monster-under-the-bed, and belleza means beautiful in spanish! so he came up with Monstra Belleza :) I Love It


my girlfriends name is nicole and her baby sister calls her coley and i thought it was cute so now i call her coley-kins! :)


It is the cutest name for your girlfriend u should give this name to your girl.The avobe mentioned names are all fake and old and common too...


My boyfriend is super sweet and my name is courtney so he calls me CoCo . how cute? :D

BearBear <3 (:

My baby calls me this because i have fluffy hair <3. and he says im adorable like a baby bear and im really short <3. 1-20-12


vry slim...i always chatting with my frnds........nd made funny activities...


i askd her out to go out to eat ......she gave a cute reason by tellin she ate chocos so i cal her wit tat name

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