Girlfriend Nicknames

Baby angel boo boo bear

I always call my fiance this, it always makes her happy when she is down

Ameri love

i love Amaryca so I call her Ameri love!!! <3


i call my gf paleta because everytime i see her shes eating a paleta and she always tell me to give her some of mine.(;


i call ma galfriend Ecstacy cuz shes lyk a drug.


I took some letters from my first, middle and last name and came up with this name.

glossy lips*-

I always wear lipgloss fom hollister so mha baiibe started to cqll me that

Lil cutie-head.

Because my girl friends so damn cute, and adorable. :)

Non jaan

My boy frnd calls me Non jaan which has two meanings i.e. Nonu and jaan.In english it means baby and life..

Cool Stuff

my sister was going thru my phone n was lyk"u've got cool stuffs here"n d name stuck...

chutti <3

i love callin my bestie like tat <3 :* :*
shes short an sweet :*

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