Girlfriend Nicknames

Big Booty

Big booty is for girls like ME who hot bigg butts. :) nd are realyy pretty and popular.

foo foo bear

this is my favorite girlfriend name it is a good one

Princess shorty

My bf calls me this cuz I'm his princess and I'm a lil short but I luv it :p


I call my girl NormaJean cuz she looks l just like her grandma whos name was norma jean and she never got to meet her grandmother but its freaky how much she looks like her


well we call her... a kitten and shes my lil' kitty sooooo kitty kitten

sugar plum baby cookies

i call my girl sugar plum baby cookies because shes as sweet as a sugar plum and as cute as a baby! our favorite snack is cookies :) i love you forever megs :) <3


my ex-bf stepdad gave me this. it suits me well cuz im a southern_belle :)


Realised it wen she ws lyin about other neva thot she cud do that


I love her nd hr name is vasu so I call hr SHU

princess peanut

love the peanut because peanut is my favourite

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