Girlfriend Nicknames

Emi-kins :*

her name is emi nd i call her emi kins :)


i missspelled baby one day... so i just started calling her beby..haha

angel eyes

my boy friend call me angel eyes and i luv him

Candy girl

I call her this cuz she's sweet like candy :3


i love this name people call me this all the time


My boyfriend calls me this because he heard my mom callin me by this :)


i call my girl friend this cause her name is kelsey ..i love my kessy!!!

My Baby Dinosaur

Because she litterly eats like one consuming anything in her path and and never gains a pound so i call her my baby dinosaur she loves it! :)

popin stuff

if not liked......bastards :) sorry ok still if liked i have a crush a girl named bo so cut if too long sorry pease
luv yu pretty gurls


a gemini girl, always busy, carefree, but is cute, beautiful and has a beautiful smile and beautiful eyes. sexy yet innocent. how to make her hot? i am cancer. im sensitive and i love to be physical with her. give a nickname for us. she called me 'tiger'

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