Girlfriend Nicknames

Sexy Bay

I Met Her At High School !!!!!!
-Shawn Towner

Sugar hips

I call girlfriend this beacause her hips sway from side to side when she walks :) <3


SHE IS VERY CUTE, BEAUTIFUL,INNOCENT GIRL ......that i cant ever seen in the world...

CharBear <3

my girl friends name is charlene so i thought of it just for her , btw im only 13 (:

Linda Dulce Miel

i call my girl this and she really thinks its cute and sweet in both sense of the word haha... its her initial is spanish basically meaning cute sweet honey and her initials are CSH :) i love her so much <3


cus im less creative than bre's boyfriend and copped someones nickname from here.


this is the codename of my "CRUSH"
he's sweet and humble.. suuupeeer kyuuut..!
i super love him!! ♥

Mr. Incredible

The name explains it all. He is so wonderful to me and just in general. The man of my dreams. Absolutuely gorgeous inside and out! I love that boy :)


Thats the sound of a cow :D and it's cute too >w<


I have been dating this Guy for quite a while and i kelt. Helling ihm to pic a Nickname for meh so He falls meh His Angel and i Call him Mr.Perfect i mean Hey 15 and has an 8 pac haha i just love him so much ges my man Candy

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