Girlfriend Nicknames


I call my bf this because his feet stinks sometimes lol and he reminds me of a baby cause hes so sweet. He calls me his his honey butt lol cause im lite skinned.


ma boyfriend calls me sanu...becoz im kinnda tiny,cute...n i just love it <3<3


I use to call my ex this cuz she was small and in art class she spilled blue paint on her lol


Cause my sister always call her boyfriend Pong. :) she's always happy when she calls him that.


I call my baby Katvamp because her name is katie and she loves vampires , I decided to combine her name and vamp :3 cause she is my lil vamp too <3.


My boyfriend. Calls me this because he says everything on me juicy mann I so love hym we have so much fun together and I love when he says aye juicy baby come here lil ma.


Well, my boyfriend calls me this. c: My name is Anna, so yeah. AnnaBear. <3 Its so adorabubble when he says it. :D


My Boyfriend Always Call Meh Nuni'
He Says Cuz Im Cute LOL I dunoo
But I Stuck Wid It <3<3


Because my girlfriend loves it
its so cute like her
ilove you babe

Arr Arr

I call her arr arr because her name is Rachel and her last name also has the R sound so... She really likes it.

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