Nicknames for Anyone


I was christened this a BFF. I'd reccomend it for any JoJo's, like me, or Josie's, Josephines, Moe's, or any name with a short "o" in the first part. =)


Dey say m swt az soda..n dey made my nick name by modifying my actual name shraddha:p<3


Dis iz my nick name kept by ankit parajuli hehe:p <3


This name iz only fo lazybones guy:p dis iz a swt nickname; i stil use dis word to mah besti


If u call your best friend this s/he is your boo and s/he
Is like so soft and kind and caring .....Or s/he is really
Cute <3<3<3<3<3<3 :D


That they are Funny.. Silly.. Fun to be around.. Happy... Etc(:!

The HeartBreaker

I call all the dudes that break people hearts the Heartbreaker especially if they do it constantly i include females in it as well i can proudly say i have never been the heartbreaker lol


Ma frndz use to call me by dat, damn, i hated it soo much!!,,but luvd it too lol..cuz kuntakunte iz black n so am i:)

little coach

i call someone this becuase my teacher made us play baseball so he (little coach) coach me through. i call him little because he is tiny


My name is Brie which is a type of cheese ! So i have been nick named Cheeser for years by everyone!

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