Nicknames for Anyone


I cal my friend Marcos this because he thinks he's the sencond "Slim Shady" But I guess you can say he's not "slim", so everyone calls him that.

Love Bug <3

I call my boyfriend this all the time he loves it. :) I love You, Love Bug <3


i call that my best friends boyfriend , and i call her Pork :3 She finds it really cute when i call him Bacon


This is wat we call my cuz because his sister couldn't say brother


My friends call me this at softball because my name is madee


I called my best friend this and he liked it

Little Turtle

I call my friend little turtle because he's really tiny and slow at the same time! <3


**my best man, started to call me dimples cuz i guess i hav them!
so i thatz my nickname for him!!! DIMPELS!!!


I call my best friends this because she sweet,kind,mean and cute just like a little puppy. :) lol


My best friend Blake called me this because I'm obsessed with Hetalia; lol

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