Nicknames for Anyone


My girl calls me this becuz my name iz kyler.


I call my girl this because she always mumbles and I can bareley hear wat shes sayin half the time.

Mali Flowers

My names Marwa and my mum always calls me Mali (only if she wants me to do house work). I told my friends that my nickname is Mali and my BFF started calling me Mali flowers so im like stop she goes no but now im used to it (: Peace xo


they call me nadie because im kinda cute n' beautiful :)) . . and it also fits with my name .! i like that nickname very much .. i love myself :'> hehehe

Foo fah

My friend calls me this idk why he just does!! My friends think its cute but he's the only one who's aloud to call me it. He also calls me foofs


I called my friend this nickname since he had an Asain mom but had a Spanish dad. He really like his nickname I think it's awesome to...... Now I want to have a Asian mom and Spanish dad


my grandma use to call me this because i would always say BER when im cold and i loved rabbits... also cuz my name is amber


I used to like this guy Dominic and I became really good friends with him, so one day I just thought of Chickapoo and I call him that now xDD He just laughed and tells me to shut up. It's so cutee! > .<


My family wud call me this because i always asked for a kiss and i hugged everyone


my mom calls me this all the time lol idk why though. hope u like

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