My mom has called me this since I was a baby.. It's ukrainian and I'm told it means Scarf.. but it's still cute....

hahaha LMAO iit means grandma iin russiian.. and sharv means scarf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It means grandma. I always call my grandma babushka

Its Actually Russian for Great Grandma

haha thats what my dads always called me lol

I means grandma lol

r u russian?

i thought it was one of those things with like a big doll then you open it up and it has a smaller doll inside and so forth(:

No. Those are called "matrushki" in Russian. In English, they call them nesting dolls.

it means "grandmother" in russian:)

Its not ukrainian and it dosen't mean Scarf,
It means grandma.

LOL :)