I just tarted goin out with my boyfriend about 2 months ago and every time he makes me blush i called him a baka ( it means idiot in japanese) and now he wants us to have nicknames and the only nickname i can think of is baka. <3 <3 <3 i cant help it

LOL!! thats a swear word in japanese

haha i do that to i say things to my boyfriend in japanese he loves it when i say watashi wa anata o sukie' to him

OMG that is sooooo cute! Asian people rock! XD


my boyfriend is asian and he usually never dates white girls, but i'm like the only exception. He calls me and Egg, he says i'm white on the outside and yellow on the inside. <3

awwww(: tht is so sweet!!!! my bf calls me zayla. it means princess in hebrew

Lol- that's cute