Guys like this one, it makes them feel tough. :)

I was looking at 'it makes them feel tough' and I just had to laugh. I call my boyfriend my teddy bear because he is so sweet.

OMG!!! My whole family calls my uncle this. His name is scott but he is a (VERY) big man. He loves the nickname and whenever someone calls him scott, it takes me like 20 seconds to figure out who the hell they are talking about. Now all my friends call me Tori-Bear, which is my nickname with his added at the end cuz he is my fav. uncle EVER!!!! :) :P

You people do know that bear is a slang term for a gay guy right?

I call my boyfriend bear! Sometimes I'll go with "love bear"

actually call my guy this(:
Only cause his name is Jair and I was pronouncing it wrong for the longest time to mak eit rhyme with Bear to call him jair bear. eventually it just got cut to bear(:

i think thats cute if hes big

i called my boyfriend of 2 years bear, and he just loved it.
i used it so much, it became his perminate name!
bear works with just about everything too, and its not emascualting :)

i have a guy who is just a friend and i call him bear or burr. :]
he loves it and thinks its really cute:]