Is it a nickname or is it an adjective? You decide.

very niceeeeeeee

lmfao((: Well i Get Called Thatt Pssshhh i Promise Youu i Honestly Think i Am Ugly Buhh People Call Me "Beautiful" Sometimes Buuhh i DOnt No??? :/

hehe i really love u


hey i knwo im beautiful i just never get called that

i think its so super sweet that yu calll her that it makes a girl feel good about them selfs nd confident that you love her...

would LOVE to be called beautiful everymorning.
but i get babycakes instead.
dont get me wrong, i dont think i could get thru the day without a hug and a "mornin babycakes" but beautiful would be a nice add on sometimes(: haha.

haha ya i dont get to wake up to anything but i think its sweet that somone accuaally cares about you enough and tinks about you every morning hehe :D

Everyone has called me beautiful for like 3 years now :) and i love it because its constant compliments ;)