My boyfriend calls me a little bee. Is this good or bad???

lol its not bad. thats my nickkname too. but my bf doesnt call me that. its short for my real name.(: and i prefer that name rather then my real one :D


i call my bf Bee. not sure why, just started calling him that one day and he didnt protest, so i kept doing it. that was over a year ago hahaha!

its simply just a cut from saying huny bee....... he probably thinks it sounds cheesy so came up with little be instead :) its nothing to wrry about......

trust me on this one its a good thing its a unique name hes made up for you..... probably dosn't have a meaning but its personal between you and him.don't break up with him cus of it cum up with a name for him and gradualy fase it it in.....honestly it is NOT a bad thing i thing all those people need 2 get there heads screwed oon properly....

As long as its little bee and not little b i think your alright if not id dump his ass

Well in my group of friends we call each other "B's" but in our case it means Bitch, but I don't know if thats a good thing.

yes that is bad if he calls you that hes not into you and wont say your real name cuz hes embarrased 2 be seen wit you