Brace face

lol i luv this name cuz ma friend has braces and i call haer brace face

he he he he...... NOT SO FUNNNY. oldest trick in the book................


chainsaw lips

my cousin has braces and when ihad braces 2 years ago she used to call me train tracks n stuff but now i get to tease her oi love the ones:
dumb dumb who can't chew gum gum
brace face
metal mouth
tin man
tinsle jaws
bling bling girl/boy

brace face

metal mouth

track teeth

tinsel teeth

dum dum who cant chew gum gum

i love the one, "dum dum who cant chew gum gum"

this is bad one call them somthing fnny like

tin grin
metal mouth
tinsel teeth

i like this name because i call me bff

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

-somebody who thinks this nickname is funny