Sexy choice for a sexy girlfriend. Need I say more?

My boyfriend calls me "love kitten ." I feel quite lucky!

He recently started calling me this because he says I act like an adorable little playful kitten when we are together.. I think it is sooooo so so so cute! I can't help but hug and kiss him when he calls me Kitten, and I get a huge giggly grin when I read it from him

My boyfriend (and Dom) calls me 'kitten'. I love the sound of His voice so it's always really soothing to hear Him say it when we're together, or call me kitten when we chat online. I also kiss Him everytime he says it, because it's thoroughly cute!

My fiance calls me Kitten because he swears instead of puppy pouting, I do a kitty pout, so he calls me Kitten. :P I think it's totally cute.

i love this one my gf is just like a kitten too and she thinks its cute and kisses me every time i call her it and smiles great PET name haha