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Hi my name is alicia (a-lee-see-a) I need a cute nick name cuz. My bf won't do it himself lol help!

Okay, I'm a guy, and I have this girl friend named Lydia. She hates her name and I thought it would be cool if I came up with a nickname. (I don't like her or anything though.) She is smart, short, nice, funny, and umm.... blonde if it helps. So, I need one quickly!

I don't know, Blondie, maybe? I'm blonde and my guy friends call me that.. (: Mini-me? (I guess that would only work if she looked a bit like you..) Barbie, DiDi, Funsize? I hope I helped (: xx

need a nick name for casey she is a gamer and loves laser tag and ice hockey

how about Speedy

I need a cute nickname for my boyfriend. He is muscular, has long dark hair, a goatee, and is a goofball.

My boyfriend always calls me teddy or beautiful, what can i call him back, wen his name is geoffrey???

Ok, so Geoffrey is a hard one. Try Handsome or McDreamy. Or something cheesy like Geoffy-Bear since he calls you Teddy. (Unless that's short for your name.) Just trying to help!

okay so my guy friend calls me bright eyes, pretty eyes, or sweetcheeks. i need a nick name for him.

I need help cmn up wit a nickname

I needa nickname for my friend Caleb...Any ideas?! Hes tall, many and African american!

dark chocolet

I need a nickname for my boyfriend Rudy. I call him Doobie right now cuz it kinda sounds like his name. But thats getting old. Someone help mee? ><


ru is cute

i need a nickname for my boyfriend. his name is Carlo. i was thinking about either bubba or bubby but im not sure please help!


Ok, so It's kind of a long story but the guy that I'm kind of seeing gave me the nickname "Kiwi" because he says I'm sweet and juicy and the hair on a kiwi reminds him of how beautiful my hair is. He says my hair is sexy and it's like his kryptonite. Kiwi hair isn't pretty, so IDK but I see where he's coming from lmao...

ANYWAY....I told him i would have a nickname for him shortly, but that was like a month ago...Can anyone help me out? I want to do what he did, put my favorite traits of his together and come up with something. Maybe something having to do with his eyes, thats like one of my favorite things about him (physically) I have an unusual infatuation with the shape of his eyes. They are just so sexy. idk...I just love the shape of his eyes. Big beautiful brown eyes.

Other traits could be: sexy, dimples, smile, body, hilarious....any ideas? lol....He loves the Halloween movies. He always tells me he would chill with Micheal Myers if he could! lmao. He loves Halloween/the month of October, and love video games. any suggestions would be appreciated! thanks :)

Brown Eyes <3 :) :D ;) ^_^

Brown Eyed Baby

Potato Prince (Cause potatoes have eyes idk)

Chocolate Choice


Ok soo... i think a sweet nickname would be something that was one of the video games and bear at the end like think of one of the video games that kinda sound cute and but bear at the end. Or since he likes October he could be your octobear :) or somthing like that!

I have a boyfriend. His Name Is Kumasia, now i call him Kumasi. I want a more sweet name for him. Can anyone please help me Please. Thanks! :)

HI my boyfriends name is Dustin and i cant think of a nickname for him any ideas ????

baby boy

I say since his name is dustin.. call him dust bunny(;

I have a guy friend and his name is Trey and he has a lot of niknames for me but I can't think of one for hm PLEASE if ther is anyone out there I need help!!

Heyy Im in need of a nickname.. cute and random but short for Diana :D
plzzzz HELP! ASAP

i need a nickname for my niece shes 4 months old and her name is Tayha. im thinking tayha tart short for sweetheat

my boyfriend's name is Mikey.. what's a goo nickname??

m 'n' m

Need a cool nick name that's start with young
Plzzzzzz help!!!!! Thxz

Yung Savage

young blood will it work

Young Mac ,
Young Baller .

Young staccs

his name is jared..and he always call me sissy.. well im thinkin bout callin him brody but maybe i need a better nickname than that..any suggestion guys?
thanks ^_^

My brothers name is Jared and I call him jar-head, ^^ but anyways I guess you could call him Jerry or jare-bear:)

My name is Kate. But I don't like plain old katie or Kate Kate. Any ideas? I like funny ones to:)

Kitty Kat !
or Kit Kat and your favorite number
example:Kit Kat 12


Crazy kate

i need a nickname starting with '' Mi "
plzz helpp !

How about Mimi, miami, Missy, minny, or Mina(pronounced mee-na). :)

my friends name is VARSHA . .. can u tell a sweet nickname for her?

How about " Varshul " or " varshu"?

Sasha or vee. That's all I got:)

my boyfriend's name is griffen. i am having the hardest time coming up with an unusual nickname for him. it needs to be really cute though. any ideas?

Griffy, family guy(lol), birdie, "g", or maybe Fig

my bf's name is debajit brain dead when am trying to nick name him...he dont want me to call him wat others call him...plz help me out guys

Daddy Mack
Darling o’ Mine
Dear Heart
Doodle Bug

My little cusion (11 years old) wants me to come up with a nickname for her. Her name is Elisia (Ee-lee-see-uh) Helpp (: