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Welcome to the page for discussing nicknames. Here you can ask for help and suggestions for nicknames and help others find the right nickname. If you would like to submit a new nickname to the site please do it here.

if her name is Elisia the nick name would be elly it sweet and bubbly .

i have a friend who i call Sia (see-uhh) .

I need a cute nickname for my boyfriend his name is Daniel

Just ""D""

He's name is James


Hey, my best friend's name is Justus (pronounced like Justice). He always says that his name explains us perfectly because it's Just-US. He calls me Tris and I have nothing to call him. His family and guys call him Jus but I can't do that. Any suggestions?

I need a (random!!) nickname for a guy who is like my brother. Anything random and cute.


I need a cute nickname for my bf (boyfriend) he calls me his little baby. His name is Garrett PLEASE HELP

Garrbear <3

her name is donja ( don - yay ) && it's so hard to find a nick name for her .. but that's my baby for life && i wanna give her a nickname .. HELP ME PLEASE !!

Donnie :)

yanniee bear <3

my baby name is dylan i need help coming up with nicknames

my bf name is mario(; nd i need a nickname helppp plzzzz

Hmm so i need a nickname for my best friend martin bt i cant think of any nice names, cans someone? Please:) i would really appreaciate it.

you can name him martini

hey my name is mary (:
i need a nickanme ... un-usual one thanks (:


Ok so i have a friend with benefits named Matt and the other day we were talking about nicknames and told me to pick one for him. I've always called him Matty, but it's to original. I've looked up a bunch of nicknames and none of them fit him at all. I need help!

I have a friend named Matt and we call him mathius. Or you could call him Moe. :)

My name is Ayanna what is a good Nick-name 4 ma

Aya, Anya, Anna, nana

Yanna, Yanni, Ya-Ya

my best friends name is christian and i need a nickname broski !

Hi my gt had given a nickname to me it's baby-boo I guess I like it bur I want to give her a nickname that sort of maches that....plezzz helpee (something that starts wit baby)

U could call her babe

Baby-girl or baby-cakes either one is cute

I needa nickname or my bffl. He always calls me beautiful or cuttie. Nd I call him hun or babe , but I just need something new , its getting old.. Any suggestions ??

Okayy So My Bestfriendss Namee Is Mario<3
And Likee I Need A Nicknamee For Him Likee Now(:



okay so i have this rele good friend his name is Damian and i cnt find a rele good nickname for him cuz he has a good one for me please help!(:

Hi!! My boy friend's nickname is bucket boy because he wears alot of hats and when he takes it off it looks like a bucket was on his head but I think it's cute haha his name is derek and when ever I see him i'm like Yo bucket boy! lol :)

my bf's name is noshin..hez vry cute,fair,tall n intelligent n funny..i want a nice nickname for him...PLZ HELP!!!!!

sorry i typed in the wrong box. oh well

I need a nickname a good one for my bestie her name is Felisha. She is short. Crazy & wild.

how about Fifi?



i wan a cute n swit name for my not abie or hubby coz its used by so mny ppl 2 col teir luved onez....ny other attractive names pls...his name is robin

Okayy.. so his name is Robin? You do not want baby or hubby so how bout.. "Robby Bear"?

so my bestfriends name is mikey &the other day we were giving eaching other cute nicknames &he gave me theee cutest but idk whatt to give to him, ughhh please help!

Smoochy! I hate you.

hey guys im the guy who was asking about a name for a girl named molly, i was finking blue coz molly means star of the sea and the the sea is blue , she has brown hair and green eyes plz help not mole or mole hill


I was thinking blue-boo or blue-bear! thats wayyy cuter! u cud get greative with this(:

um soz i didnt no how to post a comment so i replyed to some 1 on accident

my girl friend is called molly im stuck for ideas PLZ help, she doesnt like being called mole or mole hill

thanx guys

Millie or moe

plz give some suggestion for nickname for a girl..her name vidya

Hi guys my girl friends name is molly and i am completely stuck for ideas plz help, p.s. she hates being called mole or mole hill


molly my dolly
jolly molly