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need a nickname for Philece

what about fleece or fleecy, like the jumper

well my best friend is a skater and i want to know any skater nicknames hmmmm???? help please?????? he is nice and he is Mexican also tall and funny

I recently had my 3rd baby boy, my middle son calls his big brother "Bubba"...well now my middle son is asking what will he be called by his baby brother, he takes a lot of pride in being a big brother now and I have to come up with something for him! Any suggestions...please!

You should make it funny, get the nickname from your sons name. i call my big brother Jere-amoose, his name is jeremiah, and silly-billy, is Billy/William, and my sissy Smelly-belly is Shellie. im Shawna Monster? lol Shawnasea is my name XD my mom just called me Spawnahell -_-'' lol

Okay Soo.. My boyfriends name is Alex.... And he has
a lot of cute nicknames for me... But his name is to hard!D;
I can't think of anything D;
and I want it to be unique... any suggestions?

hey my name is Amina anyone know a nickname?
not Mina
or Ina
something unsual

how bout ami or lil bit

so my bf tristan, calls me babe and baby... but most of the time callz me "babydoll" or "babygurl" and i really don't have a cute nickname for him besidez "baby n babe" any suggestionz !!??? plzzz help(:

Okay, I have a bf named Tristin too. He came up with Teddy Bear for me.... (Cuuuute. :D) But... I couldn't think of anything. And then I thought of my little hamster biscuit who sadly passed away a couple of years ago. I just... Well... Mixed the two together and got Triscuit. ^^

How About"Hunn" LOl Or like My Sista Calls Her Bf "Boo-boo"

tri-bear or tri-pod

Okay so I met this guy a couple of months ago n he has a cute nick name for me but I'm brain dead I don't have a nick name for him! His name is denis plz help!! Its gotta be cute plz



DD (DeeDee)


George... lol XD










Hi! So my name is Hannah and I wanted a cute name. Everyone calls me Hannah banana or Hannah Monty but I want something different since there are quite a few hannahs in my school. Also there's this guy I really like, Josh. I wanna call him something cute in a different language so he won't understand what it means.

ineed a nickname 4 my quy david ,hes really sweet and fun to be around. what can icall him?

why'do you qotta talk like this ,ithink it's annoying.

Call him davidee. that's what I'd do.

I calll my bestfriend david, Daverzx.(:
he likes it:D

please help i need a nick name for my boyfriend his names michael n i cant think of any good ones please help

Mikey, Mik, Kell.

i need a nick name for my best fwend cody idk any sugestions? plz help ima girl were just best fwends i dont wuna date him i need a nick name for cody

Well, I have a friend named Dakota and we call him Koty, We also use short for Koty so we call him Cocoa. :) Have fun!




CoQ10 (lol some good vitamin XD )




I need a nickname for a guy named Dallin. He isnt my bf and I dont want him to be we are just friends but he has a funny one for me and I need a really good one! [: help please! [:

Look up the name etymology online for name origins/meanings. My fiance's name is Sara and I found out that "Sarah" is Hebrew for "Lady" or "Princess", so I call her "Princess" and she loves it. We have a bit of a dirty sense of humor, so when I got the T-shirt that said "Your little princess is my little wh***" we laughed over it for days! (Although I would never let her father, who I respect very much, see it, lol.)

By the way, my name is Matthew and when I was a toddler I couldn't say it right and called myself Choo-Choo. it still sticks with me today.

i have a boyfriend name thomas. i don't know what to call him because i don't want to call him baby. all of his friends call him thomas the train andtommy. and i need it to be unique. HELPP!!

you should call him teddy. thats what i called my bf thomas. we're not together any more but im happy.

i have a boyfriend name dylan. he doesn't like being called baby or babe.or anything to do with his name. so, i don't know what to call him. please help!!

Dylan obviously doesn't like nicknames, so call him Dylan ;)

you could do something like LacyBird or Lacerzz i dont know :P

hey i have a bestfriend named lacey and i cant think of a good nickname for her. PLZ NOT LACE!!

spacey lacey


NOT lace...geez

Si-Si, pronounced see-see

My best friends name is Johnny. He has a million nicknames for me. But I need one for him. Our friendship is not romantic at all so don't make it cutesy. Also, not JohnnyBoy cause everyone calls him that.

Ok then how about jb
b/c because people call him johnnyboy or Joe

i want a cute Girl name in Punjabi for my close frnd.......

plssssssssssssssssssssssss suggest me a cute name...

But it should be unique....

okay well punjabi is her name thats an adorable
name how about puunmuffin Or Punn Buqqq

aw int malti jew maltija -.--

ok so i hve this relle good guy friend.he has blonde hair and blue eyes just like he gave me a nickname but i cnt think of a good 1 for him.hes like a big brother 2 me=always there 4 me 2 tlk 2 and is at mi side no matter wht...hope u guys can find a good nickname

Huunay Bee

So I've been thinking about calling my boyfriend something other than 'baby' or 'babe', but I can't think of anything! His name is Cody. Any suggestions??

what about codesy, (code- see)
hope it helps

i think ''COOL DUDE''

I have a friend called Cody, i call him Banks. (It was a joke at first when Cody Banks first came out) and i used to annoy him by calling him Banks, and it just kind of stuck. :)

Thier Names Are Salmann And chiragg i really need them we have this competiton of who comes up wid the best nicknme evry week i ve run out =(
thanks...oh n they are both adorable...

Chipmunk? lol and Sizzle?? :P heh

I am looking for a cute nickname for my guy friend he calls me pretty eyes. and I can't think of one for him. Please help thanks.

Wellll, I call my best friend Buggy becuz he has eyes that look like bug's eyes. So i'd suggest taking one of his awesome faetures and thinking of something that makes sense.