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There is a girl that i like and she knows that... and she call me in my nickname... and sometimes my name(barely).. does it mean she want us to be just friends??

Hi there, i'm a girl so i should know! haha, well if u see her looking at you with 'relaxed' eyes maybe she likes you! or if she smiles at you every time you look at eachother,she stands by you a lot of the time, gives u nicknames, or maybe always glances at u across the cafeteria then i think shes trying to tell u something!!!!
Hope this helps,
Ashanti :)

i need a nickname for the name Aaron. i cant find a nickname for my friend, i tried using his middle name but its Joel so i cant find a nickname for that either, please helppp



i think it should be rony cuz aaron the last letters hav ron so it can b rony

I have a boyfriend. His name is Nick. I don't know what to call him. He always calls me baby. He doesn't like babe or Nickypooh. What is a cute nick name i can call him? help please.

My girlfriend calls me Nickeroo or Nicky. :P

i have these two bestfriends named Mandy and Samantha && im trying to find cute nicknames for them... please help (:

i call my frnds fishstick, jumping gumball, peaunut butter, and sometimes jelly and my verry best frnds nick name is side and my nickname is kick get it!!! side-kick hahaha

HAI im samantha so i thought it'd be easy
For mandy i heard off shanedawson that manderz is a good one
or mindy
i do that to pee my friends off
Samantha is easy :)
my boyfriend calls me Samie so i kinda did a bit of editing to it
my nickname
hope it helped :D

I just call my man daddy because he gives me the bissyyy!!!

my boyfriends name is colin and it seems impossible to find a nickname for him. i want it to be like colin_______ something, please help. p.s- not colinbear.

just ingore the first name and go with something like romero or something this is coming from a guys point of view

His name is Apolonio but everyone calls him Apple i want to call him something other than Apple so its special, any ideas??

Nickname for a cute friend named Aaron

I have a friend thats a girl and I have a crush on her, I need a cute nickname to try and show her I like her but wont be to obvious

wats her name coz if its like ummm Emma u can call her like emmz or em coz yeh

What's her name?? Sometimes it helps

i really like my bf Brandon, but i need help finding him a nickname.
i've tried everyname in the book, but he doesn't like anything

we both adore the movie, The Notebook.
he calls me his Allie and i call him my Noah,

but i want something differents, cuz now he calls me babers and i don't have one for him ):

say it like sugars.

studmuffin is a good one. i like to be called it.

he could always be your hottie with a body. or your pookybear

Pls guys i want u to suggest a nick name coz my girl friend is worrying me sock coz of it.

you could always call her an angel sent from heaven. i call my girlfriend my baby. it always makes her smile.


How about rab change the v to a b
Or Gave, Urga, urg, grave, ru

whos gonna call their bf grave??.....

i need a nick name that begins wth b and goes with the name bianca any idears
or if u cant think off bianca try sugar

try sugar b!!!

hbout bibi?
or bianc ?
or binks ?

baby binks


how about bambi? bambi is cute and lovable and it starts with a B

I need a nickname for my bestfriend, Nick!! He calls me buddy bear

Nickypoo (:
i have a best friend named nick as well, and i call him nickypoo and he loves it (:

I'm writing this story and there happeneds to be a little girl in it. Her name is Emma Sue Jean Evans and Her twin brother is Christian Blake Cody Evans. Emma has two god Parents who she calls Aunt and Uncle. They have a son named Matt. What might be a cute nickname she could give him? She's only like two. And plus She loves Matt too. lol. And the hard thing is she has a brother named Matthew who goes by Matt so hopefully we can come up with something. Thanks Guys!

I'd say Mattycakes!

My 2 year old gave her baby brother Matthew the nickname Maffoo

How about Matt-matt? Mattie might work too, but Matt-Matt seems like a cute name that a two year old would say.

I need a nickname for one of my guy friends that i really like but it cant be too sappy or lovey dovey. His name is Kenneth

I said I'd call him "babe."
Any nn's out there?
BESIDES LOU and all those other ones?

yuu couuld tryy Lucho (spanish loo-cho)

hey i have a friend names yosmariel , i need a nick name for her , any one help ?

Yo Yo!!!


yosmariel: well i just thought i`d reply with some ideas about a nickname for your friend such as; yozah, ariel, marie, yosel, yosie, or half of her name mariel (maryel).

ii realli want a nickname ! mi name is TAJE' n so manii people saii it wrnq its annoyin so yup me want a nick name.

ii love tweety !
iim realli a party qurl !
love hanqin wit fam n viibiin out !
ii am a lil booge qhetto qurl ii qtz tah sai.
mih friend cam up wit dha name tweet n ii love iit bt iit not stickin so u PEOPLE HAVE ANY OTHA THOUGHTS ???????

smooochez ! muaaaahhhh !

Oh god, reading this hurt my eyes x__x
Please... type NORMAL

hmmm, how about taze? or Teej?

Okay, so I've been writing for almost a year now, and I've decided to really focus on a writing a serious one now. But as I start today, well, I got stuck. So I need a little help.

One of my characters, who isn't really a main character, but still a part of the story is in need of a nickname. I don't want it to be just any old nickname though, I want something with character and spirit, if you know what I mean.

Anyways, the character is a little girl, about 6 years old. This character's real name is Abigail, but she isn't so fond of the name, giving herself a unique and fun little kid name to be more like her aunt. Her aunt is the main character in the story. Her aunt and her mother both have VERY unique names and that's what I'd like for her nickname. Her little sister's name is Avia.

She used to be called Punky, but that didn't fit right. But I'm looking for something that is almost like that.

I'm in almost the same boat as you. but anyways you first. Lol. what about like Buddy? or is that to generic? Punky is cute. lets see. Hmmm... My friend though of Sissy but if she's more of a like non follower then that wont fit. What about Mickey? Thats Cute. I like that one.

So I said I was almost in the same boat as you well...I'm writing too and I have this little girl Her Name is Emma Sue Jean and She's got her god parents. She loves them very much and they have a son named Matt who she also loves. The thing is she calls her God Parents Aunt and Uncle. What might she call Matt? She's like two years old. I'm vearing towards what I gave you lol. Mickey.