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Okay so I know this guy. I kinda like him, okay so I like him a lot. I want a nick for him, he is a musician with hazel eyes, a little reckless a rebel and has a wicked sense of humor... how can I call him? A nick name that doesn't show i like him too obviously but sounds affectionate.
Pleaase help! S.O.S.

you can call him yobo. it means precious one in a language i can remember the name of. if he asks, you can just tell him you thought the name sounded funny.

I have too many nicknames that people call me and i wanna cut it down to like one or two HELP please!!


maybe you could try putting together the ones that are similar like cherry cherry-pie&cherry tree


like that cut it down&&then maybe cut down by who/or how much someone calls you that nickname

She likes the color purle..
she have chubby cheeks and like a Japanese eyes..

how bout Chinky? if its not offensive

I am a regular, simple girl.....

I want to create a new email but i do not want to put my name.....

would you guys help me with a nickname..... can I hv a simple yet nice nickname?

he calls me asslyn and i need one for him.

nickname for a guy named micheal.

how about McLove. that sounds cool/cute at the same time.

There is a girl I like named Lyric & I want a cute special nickname for her but I have no idea what it should be so any suggestions?

what about la ? thats cute (:

Theres this guy I really like and he calls me baby and babe and I dont have any thing to call him and when he says those things im like stuck on what to say back...helpp

or you can call him something that doesnt sound too girly but cute too for boyfirend nicknames like, bubz or just bub?

Sweets, The snake!!!!, Tuffie, Hunn, his name?

You can call him

I have a boyfriend named Joshua but everybody calls him Josh. I want a cute nickname for him, any sugesstions?

u could call him joshie
idk....i have a twin brother whose name is joshua so i call him joshie..

you could name him jo-jo. or you could name him jo bugie my name is starr because that what people call me plus i love dat name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

call him yur joshypoo:)
its cute<3

You should call him Pooh-Bear,
I had a Boyfreind named Joshua and he loved that nickname.

I love the to my brother name is SIR"JOSHUA and my newphew nickname is POOH_BEAR they work for me

My boyfriend is kinda a nerd and I guess you could say I am too so we came up with the nicknames Mr. And Miss Nerd....Works for us!

I really need YOUR help

a friend of mine asked me to think about a nickname.
her name is AMELY!!

the nickname could be funny or cute, it doesn't matter!

but please help me!!!!

hmmmm..why not something totally randow like poptart or giggledrop or twig or young cricket? that's what i did for all my friends.


My girlfriend started calling me edgarpooh because my name is edgar and she likes winie the pooh, only thing is she calls me this around the wrong croud what should I do???

Just tell her in a nice way that you feel uncomfortable when she uses that nickname in around certain people. Or just say, honey you are chopping my balls off when you use that name in front of the guys.

Currently my boyfriend and his friends call me banana 'cause it rhyms with my name!! I like bunny or cutie even giggles but they would never go for that. I am creative, very emtional, always smiling and a really happy person, I love to dance and party and be with friends. Please help get banana out of my life!

Well i just thought you could just keep banana in your life still but change it around a bit to sound like; Narna or nahnah? it would be alot easier if you said what your name was though.

What do you think about Catastic? It is a cross between fantastic and Cathy!

My curent nickname is Tonie short for antoniette! i can describe myself as
loves sports
loves animals
a's-b's at school
alot of friends
Very tiny!
likes peace signs
n has a boyfriend!

{i wuld really appriciate it if u guys helped me our here}


i like my nickname panda but only a few peeps call me that...i want another nickname for amanda that will stickand is not to cute or lovey dovey.....Plz help me

It should be( Fun Size ______ or Fun Sized_____)Idk i call my friends it or my gfs

I need a nick name that is different then sam or sammy I a girl who like cats,I like to cook. I'm a good listener and always helpful to my friends so maybe you can help

Samich!!!! like sandwhich kinda. i call my friend Sammie that and she loves it


i think a funny nickname for you would be COCL (pronounced cockle) it's the initials for crazy old cat lady. i'm not trying to be mean. seriously. i call a lot of people this, like my friend emmy and my aunt patty. it's a cool nickname.

Missy... is perfect don't you think!!

i need something other than sam or sammy or mimi....
my last name is ALi and im kinda short, athletic, funny, helpful.

help please!

Hi, I'm buying a golden retriever puppy for my girlfriend and I need a great name for him!

you could call him: ozzy, bruno, octavious, maximus, guess (so you can trick people with his name, like "oh, what's your dog's name?" "Guess."), calico, samson, captain mr. mcfaunzly, serious, jo, and penguin. those are cool names.


Optimus Prime. hehe thats what my girl wants her kitten to be named.

Call your golden retriever shoe snip if it likes to chew on your shoes.