Panda (or Panda Bear)

Pandas are soo cute. :)

Me & my ex were talking online back when we dated & i asked him what would he be if he was an animal & he said a dog becz they get rubbed a lot. then i asked him what i would be & he said a panda becz they are beautiful! awhh he is soo sweet

my boyfriend calls me Panda Bear, not because I'm fat or because I like pandas (which I do!) but because of the Milky Way Commercial. He was over my house when we were watching the "Why so blue, Panda Bear?" Line and it was hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing minutes after he stopped and he said he would call me Panda BEar. He's BooBEar. :)

that is a great nickname i am gonna start calling my gf that plus she likes pandas