Cute Nicknames for Girlfriends

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Awesome nickname I came up with XD Cause, Kung Fu - Panda - Po .. Cupcakes? Yah, awesome :P

sugar cube

my girl is so sweet and cute she's my sugar cube

Monstra Belleza :)

this is what my best guy friend calls be because i am litttle, like a monster-under-the-bed, and belleza means beautiful in spanish! so he came up with Monstra Belleza :) I Love It

BrADAMo :)

So I call my best friend this because his name is Adam and he is like an older brother to me, so i put them together and this is what i came up with!! I love him soo much! :) my BrADAMo :)

bobo b


icall my cuz carlos this cuz hes all way geting hurt lol

my little cookie monster


I chose this nickname for my little sister cuz she loves cookies and eats them like shes a monster


my girlfriends name is nicole and her baby sister calls her coley and i thought it was cute so now i call her coley-kins! :)


My girl calls me this becuz my name iz kyler.


I call my girl this because she always mumbles and I can bareley hear wat shes sayin half the time.

Mali Flowers

My names Marwa and my mum always calls me Mali (only if she wants me to do house work). I told my friends that my nickname is Mali and my BFF started calling me Mali flowers so im like stop she goes no but now im used to it (: Peace xo