Cute Nicknames for Girlfriends

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It's my nickname and i like it it matches my name mikayla.

KeeKe (:

a name that starts with a K , for any Girl .


My bf calls me this because my name starts with a K. :)


Her friends call her Mickey because her name is Michell, so i thought of her nickname because i love Deadmau5 and i also love her <3 so i came up with Mickeymau5!


My girlfriend is unique, and Irish ;p Her last name is McCreedy and one day out of the blue I just called her Ceedy. She loved it, and so did I. So I've called her Ceedy ever since.


A person that can always light up a room or maybe someone's night, sky or sometimes by walking into that ones heartache or just was able to wake him or her up from a nightmare that no one else was able to do before... Ppl seeing life (light) from one person (star) when the one person (starlight) never truly realized how much power (strength) one had or may never know but others always have and always will when Starlight passes through ones life only to figure out and see with own eyes it's been Starlights life this whole time that powerful ppl, ppl with older souls that gives words of wisdom and the most needed one of all is the acceptance of being wanted by another otherthan yourself! In hoping one will give enough wisdom, courage and the strength...


Stars always complete the person somehow... Either star exist on the persons body or the person ideals the shape of stars or always favors stars by talking about stars

tiger toes

I got tiger print on my toenails once and now for some reason my bf calls me this now. I think its kinda cute :3

Cheese Doodles

I like cheese and I like doodles. Cheese Doodles!!! Yay!

Mr. Fluffy Pants

I call my dog this sometimes because he's so small and fluffy!!!!!