Cute Nicknames for Girlfriends

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Teddy Gram <3

My BoyFriend calls me this because he thinks it cute & funny , Lol


My parentws call me this becuz im probally the only one tht has the name natalie with and h and y. Nathaly!!



i call my cousin lalani she goes by lani i call her this .it rhrmes.


My family calls me this with endearment because my first name is Kate and is easily converted to Kake. This could work for anyone named Kate or Katie or Kathryn. This also lead to numorous variations (if I wear Asian style clothes i'm Rice Kake or if i'm sunburnt i'm Burnt or Marble Kake) and if things get particularly cute i'm adressed as Little Kakey.


Im cute im funny i can be mean i like short nicknames i have a lovin sister and i luving brother and i have a boyfriend


My girlfriend, baby sat a young girl who couldnt say her name right. She always ended up calling her Nynna, instead of her real name. I thought it was really sweet, so I just started calling her that. :)
I love you Nynna Bear!! <3

my little poochie mama!

For any poochie mama out there, balling ass nickname ok.


he calls mee happy meal cuz im always smileing and cuzz im short :) he makes me feel happy soo i call himm boo bear :)) i love himm :)


my bfs last name is krasa so it almost fits perfectly


Short for 'Babycakes' or, in one very particular instance, 'Cakes McGee'