i want a nickname for my boyfriend his name is kimon

Help need a nickname for my gf, her name is LeAnne. very hard for me to do please help!!

Annie, maybe? LeLe? Uhmmm, Lela? That is a tough one, but hopefully I was a help :)

My boyfriend's name is Hunter and i call all my best girl friends babe, beautiful, hun, sweetiekins, and boo. plz help.

people think lil nena or shorttie nena iz 4 me but i want options lol :)
so comment wat u think (:
im short n flrtiey n smart n black hair n LOVE MY LIFE!!!

I need a nickname for my "crush" and his name is

I have a friend named Greyson :) I call him GreyBear or GreyBoo... maybe you could try those, but with an A instead of an E? :)

keke for sure

call him johnnyboo

Help I need a nickname for my boyfriend...his name is Jonathan.

haha, youu should call him keke ! i know someone alreadyy said this but oh well! i like itt (:

USE IT ! (;


u should call him keke!!!

Call him the smash. Awesome.

monyyy but make the o long

lol , his name is so cute you should call em POOHFACE (:
because his name is so cute &: im pretty sure with that name is a
cutiee, !

-Marie ! !