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A person that can always light up a room or maybe someone's night, sky or sometimes by walking into that ones heartache or just was able to wake him or her up from a nightmare that no one else was able to do before...


Stars always complete the person somehow... Either star exist on the persons body or the person ideals the shape of stars or always favors stars by talking about stars

tiger toes

I got tiger print on my toenails once and now for some reason my bf calls me this now. I think its kinda cute :3

Soft lips


I call my boyfriend that cause he thinks it's cute and he loves it. Also he has the most softest lips. ;)

Cheese Doodles

I like cheese and I like doodles. Cheese Doodles!!! Yay!

Mr. Fluffy Pants

I call my dog this sometimes because he's so small and fluffy!!!!!

Teddy Gram <3

My BoyFriend calls me this because he thinks it cute & funny , Lol


My parentws call me this becuz im probally the only one tht has the name natalie with and h and y. Nathaly!!

Bannana Cupcake


Umm well the reason he got this name is because he came to school dressed all in yellow and one of my friends said he looks like a bananna and he is sweet co he was called cupcake so i put them together :)



For special, cute, generous, lovely, handsome, intelligent, kind and gentle guys

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