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Short for 'Babycakes' or, in one very particular instance, 'Cakes McGee'



from the show toddlers and tiaras this was a nicknname!

honey boo boo

from the show todlers and tiaras her nick name is honey boo boo.



I call my boyfriend nickasaur bc his names nick and he always says rawr and I think it's the cutest thing ever <3 I love him


something cute.roamntic,innocent which suits on me on my zodiac sign sagittarius


I want a vewi cute nick.. Plus i want a cute nick 2 b added 2 TRISH

Baby Pop


my BFF started calling her boyfriend 'Baby Pop' so i thought i wud add it 2 the list!!! oh its a funny nickname! xP

Kisses !

I gave my boyfriend this name because he loves getting kisses from me whenever he can ! And I love giving them to him ! : )



Pronounced like Jacksy-Packs. One of my mother's friends has an adorable two-year old son named Jax that I look after every now and then. I was chasing him around one time and it just kinda came to me. It's pretty much stuck and I've been calling him that ever since.


i call my friend 'YAM'. :) it means "YOU ARE MINE" :) we sometimes add letters and then it becomes 'YAMMY' or 'YAMYAM' haha! :D

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