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I was christened this a BFF. I'd reccomend it for any JoJo's, like me, or Josie's, Josephines, Moe's, or any name with a short "o" in the first part. =)


Dey say m swt az soda..n dey made my nick name by modifying my actual name shraddha:p<3


Dis iz my nick name kept by ankit parajuli hehe:p <3


This name iz only fo lazybones guy:p dis iz a swt nickname; i stil use dis word to mah besti

Silly meow


Mah boyfrn likes kittens so i cal him az silly meow<3 <3

my little sexy abs


my boyfriend is taller then me but he loves it when I call him this cause he all ways showed me his abs and he is freaken sexy I love it when we have $ex

Turkey Squirt

She hates it but laughs! Its great to see her get pissed off! haha


my boyfie used to call me NING short term for PRANING which means crazy!! rawr :)


If u call your best friend this s/he is your boo and s/he
Is like so soft and kind and caring .....Or s/he is really
Cute <3<3<3<3<3<3 :D


That they are Funny.. Silly.. Fun to be around.. Happy... Etc(:!

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