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Probably better off using this one on your horse than your girlfriend.

Teady Bear


Cute nickname for your boyfriend and his friends will probably agree :)



If you can pull off a Spanish accent your boyfriend might love this one.

Georgia Peach

A nickname with obvious limitations, but if your girlfriend is actually from Georgia what could be a better nickname?

Better Half

Everyone uses it, no one really means it, hehe.

Baby Face

Baby Face is better used for girlfriends than for boyfriends. It's hard to maintain a sense of macho with your girlfriend calling you baby face everyday.

Sugar Daddy


If your boyfriend is really just your sugar daddy, you might be better off not calling his attention to it. Use this nickname with caution.


In no circumstance should this nickname be used for anything other than cute forest creatures or pornstars.

Main Squeeze

You must have more than one squeeze to have a main squeeze, your girlfriend will probably figure that out eventually, so you might want to stay away from this one.


I don't know why naming your boyfriend or girlfriend after a giant orange vegatable is cute, but for some strange reason, it just is.

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