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Ladies Man


If you have settled on this nickname for your boyfriend. You should probably ask yourself why.


Sexy choice for a sexy girlfriend. Need I say more?


Romantic nickname, just try and stay away from that storybook ending ;-)

Dream Girl

She may seem like a dream now, but just remember, you could wake up someday to find your dream was actually a nightmare. ;)



Before you use this nickname on your boyfriend, you might want to check a dictionary for the actual definition. There is a good chance you will change your mind.



Great nickname if your boyfriend is Patrick Galen Dempsey or you wish he was.


Your all purpose nickname. If you have more than one significant other, choose a standard like this one and stick to it. You will thank yourself later.

Old Lady

A nickname that you can use for your girlfriend, just not actually in her presence.


I'm putting this under the "both" category, but most guys will probably look at you funny if you use this one on them.

Baby Girl

This is an extension of the classic "baby". I guess this one is just to make sure your girlfiend knows that you know that she is in fact a girl.

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