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Use this if your boyfriend needs a little ego boost. If he already has too much ego, find another nickname.



Don't use this nickname on a new boyfriend, it will freak him out!


A classic that works for just about anyone. Watch out though, if you break up, every other song on the radio is going to remind you of your ex.

Lover Boy


Be careful with this nickname, it might go to his head.


Maybe not the most creative nickname in the world but it is a classic.


Be careful if you choose this one for your girlfriend, she just might expect to be treated like one.

Cutie Pie

This is a great nickname if your girlfriend is young, but once she starts to get wrinkles you might want to trade it in for another one.


You can use this for a significant other of either sex, but you are probably going to cause a gag reflex in those around you.

Old Man


Probaby should not use this one if your man is actually old. He might get offended.


This has to be the all time most used nickname ever in the history of mankind on the planet.

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