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I called my best friend this and he liked it

Little Turtle

I call my friend little turtle because he's really tiny and slow at the same time! <3


**my best man, started to call me dimples cuz i guess i hav them!
so i thatz my nickname for him!!! DIMPELS!!!

My Little Leprechaun


My boyfriend calls me 'my little leprechaun' I have no idea how he thought of it, and i'm not even Irish! But it has stuck and i love it <3

Ma Moii<3

my friend would call this to his girlfriend because she was latina. so she would say mi amor to him which means my love and he would sy it to her in a baby voice "ma moii"


Her name is Gabriella and she is called Bella a lot, and since she loves my British accent and I love her sooosososos much c:, I started calling her Bellove<3 with my British accent all the time.



I call my boyfriend "MeOw" coz he has this cute puppy-like eyes which is soo mesmerizing.


I call my best friends this because she sweet,kind,mean and cute just like a little puppy. :) lol



My mom calls me choochoo which means baby chick lol its so cute i loe it wen she calls me this :)

Jas-itz <3

I call her this because she's beautiful, sweet, and amazing. plus we both love cheez-itz

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