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my ex used to call me this. she once called me mi amor but i wasnt paying attention or sick or somthing. i heard meemo. it stuck after that. i thought it was really cute.:)


all of my older brothers friends call me this cuz my name is gabriella, like the girl in the movies and i also go by gabby and i can sing and i am super smart. it is cool since all of his friends ask to be my troy, and most of them are super hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby Tiger

my friend sam calls me baby tiger cuz he says i am a fierce girl with a wild personality, like a tiger.


Everyone i know calls me gabbers. it is super cute since my name is gabby.



He Calls Me Boo , So I Call Him BooBoo (:

A-a-andy Cakeypoo


I call my 4 year old son , Andy this cause on his birthday my 5 year old little girl came up and said mom andy's gonna have a cakeypoo and she studders so she said a-a-andy

Juciy Lucy

My 4 year old daughter,lucy came up to me after she ate a peach she was sticky but she said she was juciy ever since then iv'e called her Juciy Lucy

mon amour


it means my love in french x3 i call my bf it all the time..he adores it<3



i like this becuz i call him and honey and hes my boo then u got honeyboo

My Pocketful of Sunshine<3

I call my girlfriend my Pocketful of Sunshine because her face glows so BEAUTIFULLY in the sunshine at sunset... So she's not just a pocketful of sunshine, She's my Pocketful of Sunshine<3

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