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Little Ish


Pronounced like "eesh". This nickname is also a really cute sound that your baby will love.

K Bear


My boyfriends name is keegan and the name just poped into my head. I <3 him sooooooooooooooooo much. He likes the nickname too :3


It's my nickname and i like it it matches my name mikayla.

cuddle buddie


if u like to cuddle this is good he is sure to like.

KeeKe (:

a name that starts with a K , for any Girl .


My bf calls me this because my name starts with a K. :)


Her friends call her Mickey because her name is Michell, so i thought of her nickname because i love Deadmau5 and i also love her <3 so i came up with Mickeymau5!


My girlfriend is unique, and Irish ;p Her last name is McCreedy and one day out of the blue I just called her Ceedy. She loved it, and so did I. So I've called her Ceedy ever since.



I Will Call So Boys PussyCat Becuase They Are A Pussys At Everything & The are scared because people might fight them..



I call him this because he's always freaky n he calls me bunny boo so I just wanted something similar
to my nick name so I pick FREAKY BUNNY

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